A history of the roswell ufo sighting in 1947

When Brazel reported the wreckage, soldiers from nearby Roswell Army Air Force Base were called in to retrieve the materials. Ever since, conspiracy theorists have been hard at work trying to prove the wreckage was extraterrestrial, with one gentleman, Ray Santilli, going as far as releasing a video in of an alien dissection purported to have taken place after the incident.

A history of the roswell ufo sighting in 1947

Date of UFO crash: March Location of UFO crash: Its an old film bought on the blackmarket for 10K US and some how leaked to the public. The video shows both an alien craft, and a blueish green alien body that was recovered.

A history of the roswell ufo sighting in 1947

This is enough to cause panic across the planet if the news ever got hold of it. You ask, are aliens real? But its probably the same questions they ask about us. I can vouch for this evidence at being real. You have my word on it. This leads to another thing NASA pretended to end the missions after Apollo 17, but they continued past Russia was part of it.

Apollo 20 took place about I had doubts, but I was the first person to ever find the ship in Deporte crater and report it to the public. William was very excited and didn't expect such a photo existed, but he liked it when I told him about it.

He must have been about 77 when we spoke, but The details of a Russian Crash on or about are sketchy and somewhat suspect. The event itself, according to the files, occurred in the state of Sverdlovsky, which was formerly Yekatrinburg of the USSR.

The crash story follows a familiar pattern normally associated with this type of report. The fiery crash of an unknown object occurred in March The site was secured by the Russian military, and one dead alien was found in the wreckage.


The remains of the craft and alien were brought to a secure location, and the alien body was autopsied. Both still and moving pictures were taken of the craft, its retrieval, and the alien autopsy.

The autopsy shows only an alien torso and arm. From the size of the body parts, the alien would have been an extremely small being.

There have been only a few still frames of this footage in America, and I have not been able as of this writing,to obtain the videos.

The show itself is mediocre, and its only redeeming quality is the presentation of the UFO crash story. Supposedly, the crash story was validated by secret KGB documents.

The footage at the crash site does seem to be authentic at least on several points. The truck in the film is a circa model ZIS, which has not been used by the military for quite some time, and the truck would have been difficult to find to stage a hoax with.

This is a partial list by date of sightings of alleged unidentified flying objects (UFOs), including reports of close encounters and abductions.. A photo of a purported UFO over Passaic, New Jersey in Roswell - 66 years of alien lore. Something crashed into the New Mexico desert in , some still believe it was a flying saucer. UFO activity caught on tape over Las Vegas Jan Another Mysterious Lights Sighted and Recorded On Video Over Area 51 Amazing sighting caught on tape over Nevada – near Area 51 UFO caught on tape just outside Area 51!!

Other elements of the film do not exhibit any obvious signs of a hoax, as to the movement of the soldiers, the timing of the film as to shadows, and the UFO itself. There are also several documents shown to verify the event itself, and an eyewitness to the event who swears that the recovery mission did occur.

The footage of the autopsy film shows personnel without caps and gowns, which seemed odd to me at first, but after some research I found that this was commonplace for that era in Russia.

The furnishings in the room are acceptable, and in Russia have probably not changed much today. Three men in their 20's and 30's are performing the procedure, and one woman is taking notes. The note taker is identified as KGB stenographer O. The alien's torso and arm are lying together on the table as the autopsy is performed, and there are documents shown to support the autopsy.

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Although the USA-Russia relationship is much improved over a few years ago, it still lacks. Any information received is subject to translation, and often times there are problems with interpretation. It is sad there is not more cooperation between the two countries.The Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting occurred on June 24, , The most famous UFO event during this period was the Roswell UFO incident, the alleged military recovery of a crashed flying disk, the story of which broke on July 8, To calm rising public concern.

Roswell Then and Now: UFO History. As an example of the UFO sighting activity prevalent during just , Larry Hatch recently released a map of sightings, which involved a 15 year project to accomplish, from a multitude of sources, notably Jan Aldridge and other list members of Project , a much respected historical ufologist.

I was the weak-willed victim of a tourist trap when I bought this unworthy book, during a pass through Roswell on a cross-country vacation.

A history of the roswell ufo sighting in 1947

I found Roswell to be a really fun town, with a good sense of humor as the locals cash in on their town's notoriety, in a jovial tongue-in-cheek fashion. On January 5 a massive triangular-shaped UFO was seen by several police officers Darryl Barker Productions brings you this fascinating story.

In , what's regarded as the first modern UFO sighting took place as private pilot Kenneth Arnold, an Idaho businessman, reported seeing nine silvery objects flying in a "weaving formation" near Mount Rainier in Washington. There are dozens of UFO sightings these days, and they have been for a while.

In December, however, the New York Times released investigation results on US military’s monitoring of UFO claims that came up something entirely wild.

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