A recollection of a wonderful christmas with family

My Reminiscences of events, old and new, and travels, far and near Monday, January 10, Recollection: It is time to put all the decorations, cards and presents away.

A recollection of a wonderful christmas with family

Posted on December 20, at 4: My Proustian memory of tastes and smells needs no nudging as I recall perfumed Decembers filled with spices in the air……the byproduct of the gingerbread men, frosty fruit bars, waffle cookies, ginger cookies, macaroons, mince pies and other baked delights that my mother would make for the festivities.

We knew all the words. I still have two of them. Hot cocoa awaited us inside afterwards. There would be visits to the department store for the yearly photo with Santa and the Christmas pageant to participate in at the perfect little Norman Rockwell whitewashed Presbyterian church we attended.

One Christmas Eve stands out as not quite fitting this idyllic mode. I was 4 years old and quite ill. The Christmas tree and all the decorations were in the family living room on the other side of the house. The isolation felt complete. The clock ticked loudly but time stood still.

My fever would allow no sleep.


Miserable, I lay there and waited for morning. Ah, but that was the problem. There was no doubt in my mind that Santa would know I was pretending and there would be no Christmas stocking for me that year.

Much to my shock, he placed the overflowing stocking on my bed and tiptoed out. My disillusionment was immediate, the fever forgotten.

A recollection of a wonderful christmas with family

I contemplated the first great disappointment of my life…. Santa could be fooled. I thought about that for the rest of the interminable night. Christmas morning finally came and was, as always, magical.

That was the year Santa left us a big fully furnished dollhouse under the tree, a Betsy Wetsy doll, a make-your-own-perfume kit, an electric football game and a parking garage with a real elevator, toys which we all joyfully shared, for that morning at least.

I kept my newfound knowledge about Santa to myself. It is really your parents. Conversation at my dinner table that night was illuminating…. The seeds of doubt had been sown, however, and it was many years before I would regain my faith.

It also marked the beginning of my lifelong strong intellectual curiosity about the true nature of everything, and where the reason behind my being asked a question was, and still is, more interesting to me than the question itself.

I asked fellow students, faculty and staff to share a memory of a past holiday and the fascinating recollections they generously sent me took place in different parts of the U. We start off with Ginny Higgins and her wonderfully inclusive family holiday traditions and we finish with a contribution from Dr.

Taylor Hagood, an additional gift to all of us and especially those of us who are going through withdrawal now that his magnificent series of lectures about Sherlock Holmes has just finished.

We wish you all a joyful holiday season and a Happy and Healthy New Year.After the annual family party hosted by the parents of blind children in Toledo on the last Sunday before Christmas, Mom and Dad drove all five of us sugar-hyped children to the lot where a .

Dec 24,  · This is not my recollection of my brothers or of me. Mum seemed to always look past our faults and loved us unreasonably. May your and your family’s Christmas be blessed with grace and Peace and may the joy of Jesus’ birth be ever in your heart.

Have a wonderful Christmas, full of love, good spirits and smiles all around. A Minnesota Christmas: Remembrances of Christmas on the Farm This poem is a recollection of wonderful Christmas memories with our extended family on our Minnesota Farm.

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