How long does it take to do a research paper

Thursday, April 24, How much time does it take to write a paper? Can u all tell me how much time it took to write the paper that u sent for publishing. Now after that how much time did u take to just write the final version of the paper? My quick reply back then was the following:

How long does it take to do a research paper

How long should writing a paper take, on average? April 19, 9: So what I want to know is including research time, how long would writing a word essay take you? Probably about 20 hours for a top quality job, or six hours for a passing job, all depending upon the subject.

The writing is easier then too, and I think you actually save time while ending up with a deeper, more polished piece. So it might be hours, but for me the important thing is to invest the first 5 hours of discovery and exploration a good deal of time before you write.

If I assume that I am using 3 books and 2 articles, this kind of essay would probably take me around 20 hours at most. If I assume that I am using 2 books and 3 articles, this kind of paper probably takes me about ten hours. Average gpa for this kind of effort is between 3. Choosing a topic that has a lot of good sources available for it is another important part of reducing the amount of time it takes to write a paper.

By far the best topics will have 3 levels of sources. The first level being magazine articles that walk you through the topic like Time or The Economist. The second level being books that are targeted towards non-professional interest in the subject.

The third level being professional publications on the topic. In liberal arts subjects, where "scholarship" often equates to digging up quotable materials, one key benefit of "research" is often a directly abbreviated writing load.

In technical subjects, where the goal of a paper is to summarize and present original laboratory research, the writing effort is greater, as you need to spend time organizing and analyzing data, creating figures, doing some layout, and still put in the effort to create a sensible narrative that describes your experimental process, your results, and the conclusions you draw from those results, in terms of your experimental hypothesis.

So the subject matter and acceptable writing methodology has to be taken into account in discussing averages for research and writing time. For an original undergraduate research paper, in the physical sciences, of 6 to 7 page length, with 3 principal figures, to APA style standards, perhaps twice that, or 20 hours.

I spend most of my time in the beginning doing research and thinking things over. On the writing itself, I can get that done pretty quickly once I have the knowledge in my head. I recently wrote an assignment that took only one afternoon to finish, with a few tweaks the next morning. This takes 30 minutes to an hour.

For ten or so books, this would usually take me an hour or so, perhaps longer if they all have extensive information. So I guess I put a couple of hours into research, idle nothing time into vaguely planning it in my head, then five or so hours at a computer writing it out.

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No matter how long the paper is, an outline will structure it far better than just writing it, and structure is a very important part of any paper. For a word paper, and outline will come very quickly. Do enough research before you start writing, but just enough. That is, research so you can reasonably write your outline into a more elaborated format, but then just write the paper.

Starting is the hardest part, and what you write will always diverge, somewhat, from the outline. And then edit, reread, edit, reread, revise, reread, edit, etc. This is less true for some fields than for others.

Finally, use Google Scholar.

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So you might want to check before you employ that strategy. In planning an essay, I find it useful to remember what an essay is for. At your stage, and essay is for demonstrating to the prof that you a are developing some critical thinking and writing skills, and b you have understood the themes of the course.

In order to get analysis and synthesis, you need to put the bulk of your of time into the research portion. I find that one problem students encounter in these kinds of papers is not knowing the literature very well.

The get lost in a sea of unrelated-seeming sources, and the time starts spiralling out of control and the panic starts to set in. What from the course is most related to your topic?

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It will also guarantee a certain amount of synthesis and analysis in your paper, as well as demonstrate a and band give you a measuring stick against which to judge the usefulness of any reading.

How much time you spend researching will really depend on how well you know your subject matter.

How long does it take to do a research paper

What kinds of questions about the general subject matter have you answered? Figure out the connection, and the writing will be easy er.Aug 23,  · Writing an outline for a research paper can seem like a time consuming task, and you may not understand the value of it if you have never written one before.

Outlines can help you structure your research and your final paper in much more efficient ways, though, so it is a good idea that you learn how to write one%(62). May 07,  · Approximately how long does it take to write a page research paper?

How to Write an Outline for a Research Paper (with Pictures)

If I have all of my sources and an intro paragraph (including thesis) how long, in terms of hours, would it take to write a research paper?Status: Resolved. How long does it take to research an essay? If you’re writing an opinion piece on something you already have some knowledge about, you may not have to do any research at all.

It may just be a matter of organizing your . Jul 21,  · Originally Answered: How long does it typically take to publish a scientific paper in the US? It's different in different fields, but in my field the typical pattern is that you get a review about 1 month after you submit, telling you what you have to change or that your manuscript is rejected.

Apr 24,  · Plan short chunks of time: If I put 4 hours for writing on a paper in my schedule, I won't stay on task for 4 hours.

How long does it take to do a research paper

I'll start to reply email, look up recipes online, and so on. I'll start to reply email, look up recipes online, and so on. How long should writing a paper take, on average? April 19, you spending all that time on? research? i wouldn't bother sitting down to write until you know what you want to say.

do your research, make an outline of your argument, then write it. the research and thinking about the argument ought to be what takes up most of your time.

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