How to promote a music concert

These are the only complete books on the business of concert and music festivals written by an active concert and festival promoter with 4 decades of intense experience.

How to promote a music concert

In the business of concert and music festival promotions and in a world where few will lend a hand, concertpromotions. Finding funding, the pursuit of concert and festival investors… No question, the biggest obstacle to new concert and music festival promoters seeing their concert and music festival dreams come true, is finding the financing for their event.

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Even seasoned promoters have difficulty finding funding for worthy live music projects. The main reason for this problem is that potential investors are typically conservative in their thinking and view concerts and music festivals as non-tangible endeavors.

Investors see concerts and music festivals as risky. With the fact that promoters are also thought of as less than ethical, shady characters, you can see why these investors are reticent.

How to promote a music concert

However, investors are out there. Banks will not invest in fests or concerts unless you can collateralize the loan.

How to promote a music concert

Venture Capital VC firms are a maybe. It really depends on whether you are an existing company or you have great credit personally and have another venture or business with a financial track record. Every week you hear about another IT related company securing funding.

But festivals are not the type of business they are looking for. Crowd funding does not fit this standard online funding method. Why, because festivals cost hundreds of thousands or millions. Some equity crowd funding www.

Since the SEC has relaxed solicitation restrictions, this crowdfunding option lets you raise capital and offer an interest in your event. You drive the traffic to either their website or yours. To use this method, you will need a massive database driving traffic to your fund raising site. Without steady, robust traffic, the site will just sit there.

Your contact base needs to be developed before you start, not after. Upon launch, the offer should be blasted all over the social networks.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar must be perfect. For the campaign to stay fresh, you should raise your funds within months. Social networks are the modern way to connect.

Facebook and Linkedin are the two that count. So building up your database over the past few years may pay off. Certainly, when you receive a friend request from an investor, banker or venture capitalist, you want to say yes. When you are ready to promote your opportunity, one by one contact them with the same basic message.

Make sure your contact info is in every message offering them a summary link. Friends and family are the preferred way because there is a personal connection.

However, what you must consider is the downside of what happens to the relationship if they take a heavy loss. Angel Investors Angels or business contacts are the best option, an investment group of doctors or lawyers, a friend of your father who has raised funds for other projects.P P romoting events, like concerts or other live music shows, is time-tested work.

How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet

This is because successful promoters learn from the techniques of other successful promoters. This is because successful promoters learn from the techniques of . Dec 08,  · To promote your music online, create social media accounts to boost your audience.

Use Twitter to live-tweet concerts and share photos and music videos.

Customize these Concert and Band flyer templates for your next gig.

Similarly, on Facebook you can invite people to like your band’s page, reach out to other artists, and create event pages%(12). The promoter of that concert will either charge the new artist anywhere from $$1, to perform a minute show to open up for a well known artist or the promoter will give the new artist 30 tickets to sell and bring back the money to perform that show.

promote a “Super group” or “mini festival” with individual artists or members from different bands joining forces for a special concert (possibly a charity) event. How to Promote a Concert.

And for that, you need to know how to promote concerts. It’s not a dark art – although it might sometimes seem like one.

Rather, it is a skill.

Concert Promotions and Music Festival Planning Book

Marketing and promotion is a huge subject area, but there are a few basic rules that can help you on your way. At least one to two months before the benefit concert, make the cause known so that you can promote your nonprofit music benefit concert.

Warning Contact your local law enforcement office to ask about any special insurance considerations you might need to know before launching the event.

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