How to write a good artist profile description

Try adding a professional profile.

How to write a good artist profile description

In order to gain recognition and connect with your audience, you actually need to reach out to them and point them towards your work.

how to write a good artist profile description

While there are a number of documents that an artist needs to have, one of the most important and effective ones is a carefully crafted artist profile that describes your work as well as your artistic philosophy. An artist profile is meant to tell the people who discuss and follow the art world about you and the art you make.

It lets you engage tastemakers and, consequently, get them to bring your art to the attention of galleries, art institutions and potential buyers. Done correctly, an artist profile can set both you and your art apart from the crowd.

It can tell people about what makes your work interesting and relevant. It can also describe a distinctive approach, highlight the use of unusual materials or reveal the compelling story that your art tells. But, most importantly, an artist profile is simply a way of putting you and your pieces on the art world radar.

To do that, you need more than just a good story—you need to be able to tell that story in an effective, engaging and concise manner. Following a few simple rules can make your artist profile a powerful aid in putting your art in front of potential buyers.

Make a list of relevant questions, like the sample one below, and spend some time thinking about them. What do you think are the most important characteristics of your art?

Appeal to the senses

What is the main thing you want your art to communicate to viewers? How does your personal history relate to the art you produce? What makes your process and approach different from that of other artists?

As you go through these questions, as well as any others you think are important, write your answers to all of them down. Your artist profile will need to be direct and to the point, so you will need to go through the various points you want to make and pick the ones that are the most essential.

Having a written list in front of you will make that job much easier. Starting on Your Artist Profile The first sentence of your artist profile is your biggest chance to connect with your audience.

Make sure that it clearly sets out the main issue you want to address. Refer back to the list you have made and settle on one or two major points—no more.

You are trying to hook your reader, so clarity and brevity are key. The last thing you want is a run-on, meandering first sentence for your artist profile.

The other thing to remember about your lead is that you will most likely be distributing your profile online. That means that you should be aware of search engine optimization, or SEO.Oct 10,  · How to Write a Personal Profile Outline.

How to write an Artist Profile - Original Art from West Country Galleries

Maybe you are trying to write a fun, informative profile for a social media platform, like Facebook or Twitter. A good personal profile for a site like Twitter, with its emphasis on short, brief tweets, can almost become a postmodern work of art%(77). See a few examples of strong artist statements below, and below that, a discussion of what makes them good.

Andy Yoder, sculptor: “Many people take great comfort in the bathroom towels being the same color as the soap, toilet paper, and tiles.

Choose from thousands of industry-specific bullet points and write a professional application in minutes. It's free! How to Write a Professional Profile; 5 Steps to Writing an Unbeatable Resume “Well, what’s the difference between the qualifications summary, career objective, and professional profile?” Good question.

What is the. How to Write an Effective Musician Bio (with examples!) Posted by Melanie on Oct 27, in so make it a good one!

It will help convert your visitors into fans, as well as give bloggers and media a sense of who you are. If you're a solo artist, Kaia Kater has an effective bio page that ties in her branding. Apr 11,  · If you need to write an artist statement, start with a personal description of why you decided to make your art, including your goals for your career as an artist.

Then, talk a bit about your decision-making process behind your art, like your themes, materials, and techniques%(). How to Write a Good & Effective Artist Biography. An effective artist biography (bio) is necessary information to have as part of the artist’s presentation to any viewers and interested parties of their artwork.

A short description of what the artist would like to accomplish with their art.

How to write an Artist Profile - Original Art from West Country Galleries