India needs leadership

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India needs leadership

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Aug 30, In my view, India needs a good leader in every field. In education, transport, banking sector and etc. I read an article recently where India will become a third most powerful nation by Now the question comes why India is in a developing country.

There is only one reason, a good leader. Corruption is the virus which making India poor and underdeveloping country. Jul 7, A good leader is one who understands what is the situation and accordingly behaves in the best way to support their colleagues and them in whatever field they are.

So, as a guider, today there is a need for good leaders. May 8, We know as our country is lacking for good leaders I mean honest leaders as Abdul kalam. We want justice not by giving more money to The leaders I mean not with corruption.

If leaders promise us before to make our life comfortable then they should make it true they should not make fool that when they got seat they will take money and go. In my opinion, a leader should be well qualified and he should be believed simple living and high thinking. He thought himself as if he were public servant as well as master.

He must be aware of what is happen in his locality.

India needs leadership

If any bad things were happen he should try to prevent it. He has the feelings of patriotism. Feb 17, What I think is that good leaders should be the one who knows about problems faced by the people. He should also know how to handle critical situations.

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He should take strict actions against corrupted peoples. He should solve problems quickly as time is very important. Dec 4, Hi friends, In my view, India should need a good leader because if an India has a good government then it will become freedom country as soon as possible but there is no leadership that the reason why our country be like.

The leader will be like, 1. They should have a good qualification. They should have the leaded capability to lead a country. They should always think about their country.

India needs leadership

They should respect their country and rule of their positions. Thank you for giving such kind of opportunities. Oct 7, Most of the Indians believe in family, this is our culture and India is being living like this for centuries. So India need a Family man as a leader who treat India as a Family.

Same way as he look after his Owen Family. So my request to all Indians kindly give your vote to such person who have their own Family.Leadership Stage India Golden Opportunity for Speakers Dear Leaders/ Friends, I am looking forward to associate on contract basis with speakers (career guidance, motivation, career development, leadership education) for our Leadership Stage India programs organising in different cities for students.

Feb 09,  · Whatever your position or industry, your ability to master these six leadership skills gives your a personal competitive advantage that can never be outsourced. The leaders of India’s biggest and fastest-growing companies take an internally focused, long-term view and put motivating and developing employees higher on the priority list than short-term.

There’s a leadership problem in the workplace. Companies lack employees with leadership skills and fear they don’t have enough rising leaders to take the reigns. Jan 15,  · Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi targeted Congress-led UPA government in his speech at a FICCI event on Wednesday saying that the nation wanted a strong.

This is the group discussion on "Need for Good Leaders in India". India needs a good leader in every field. In education, transport, banking sector and etc. a good leader. India doesn't have a good leadership. Corruption is the virus which making India poor and underdeveloping country.

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