Project proposal international business

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Project proposal international business

Apr 23, Information is now one of the world's most important and rapidly changing resources. Rapidly growing capabilities in computing and telecommunications, the increasing importance of information in the professions, in scholarship and research, and in daily life, the expanding and multidimensional information industry, and the developing information infrastructure have created major new challenges and opportunities.

The issue now is often less the availability of information than its overabundance, and access to quality information for diverse users and uses. The challenge is to filter what is most useful out of the vast quantity of information available: The goal is to provide, not simply data, but information that enhances understanding.

We propose a program that will advance, through teaching and research, the organization, management and use of information and information technology, and enhance our understanding of the impact of information on individuals, institutions, and society.

This mission has both a technical component, concerned with the design and use of information systems and services, and a social sciences component, concerned with understanding how people seek, obtain, evaluate, use, and categorize Project proposal international business.

The proposed program will use the approaches of several social sciences and professional and technical disciplines to address a core set of information-related issues. The primary educational mission of the program will be to prepare professionals for corporations, government agencies, and the academic world who can develop improved approaches to handle information, to design and manage information functions, and to merge them with other aspects of the organization.

Evidence strongly suggests the existence of a very large demand for such professionals in business, government, and the academic world.

The research mission of the program will be to explore the design and operation of information systems and services, the nature and properties of information, and information-related behavior at the individual, group, and societal levels. There currently exists no academic structure — at Berkeley or elsewhere — of the specific sort that we are proposing.

What is unique about this program is the focus on the use and management of information through the merger of the technical and social sciences approaches; and the broad scope, addressing applications that cut across disciplinary and organizational contexts.

We believe that Berkeley can lead in this area and that other universities will follow. One of the strengths of this proposal is that it is conservative, in recognizing that at this moment this new field must be multidisciplinary, drawing in elective courses from other programs.

Yet it also concentrates enough faculty resources on a core research program to drive the definition of this new field. This kind of economic power will inevitably generate a new field, and only a research university of Berkeley's stature has the resources to provide the context for its definition, that context being the strengths of its various professional schools and disciplinary departments.

Berkeley is an ideal place to address this challenge, given our strength in such allied disciplines as computer science, business administration, cognitive science, and public policy; the existence of a substantial foundation from the current School of Library and Information Studies; the proximity of leading firms in the information industry; and Berkeley's ability to attract an eclectic group of outstanding scholars.

Substantial opportunities exist for both private and public support of groundbreaking research, as evidenced by the developing National Research and Educational Network NRENand the National Information Infrastructure initiative, and innovative corporate amalgamations directed toward new information products and delivery methods.

The challenge for Berkeley is to define a new field appropriate to an internationally prominent research university and of critical importance to the state of California.

Project proposal international business

We believe that this is a challenge that Berkeley can and should accept. Structure and Name The organizational structure is that of a professional school. Other organizational structures were considered but are felt to be less appropriate; they are discussed in a subsequent section.

Mission The proposed school has as its focus the organization, management and use of information and information systems, operating at the interfaces between information technology, producers of information, and users of information. The School will graduate professionals who are highly sought by corporations and government operations covering a wide variety of areas.

Project proposal international business

Libraries are among the employers, but are not dominant. A list of potential classes of employers is attached see Appendix I. The School's faculty and Ph. A list of possible areas for research is attached see Appendix II.

The faculty will be drawn from diverse disciplinary backgrounds. The School will attract the involvement of, and joint research with, numerous other academic units on campus.

Other units will feel that collaboration with School faculty is important to their research, and will also value the professional contributions of the School in improving their own information management and systems.

Degrees The School will offer a new professional masters program. The degree to be awarded by this program will be substantially different from the current MLIS degree, reflecting the broader mission of the new School. In particular, it is not designed to meet American Library Association requirements; rather, it will serve as a model for the development of accreditation criteria for the emerging discipline upon which the School is focused.

The School will sponsor a strong Ph. Defining and leading the intellectual development of this emerging field. Providing support for the faculty in their creative endeavors. Meeting the strong market demand for such a degree, both in academic settings and in the private and government sectors.

The program will encourage and facilitate dual and concurrent graduate degrees, and possibly also joint Graduate Group degrees, in addition to graduate degrees entirely within the new program. Curriculum Both the Masters and Ph. Computer science and communication technology will be prominent among the information technologies upon which the core is constructed; applications-oriented social sciences, such as those dealing with human factors will play a leading role, but not to the exclusion of the study of cultural, economic, and societal systems and contexts in which information is created, distributed, organized, and used.In the letter, the organization asks the foundation to consider the proposal, briefly summarizes the purpose of the project, states the amount requested, and suggests follow-up action (e.g., meetings, more information to be sent, etc.).

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