Rencontre odessa

Mechnikov - one of the oldest universities in Ukraine.

Rencontre odessa

Theologians and spiritual leaders[ edit ] Ernst Bergmann —German philosopher who in his work, Die 25 Thesen der Deutschreligion Twenty-five Points of the German Religionheld that the Old Testament and portions of the New Testament of the Bible were inaccurate.

He had a leading part in the Nazi, Gleichschaltungthe plan to unite the previously independent Protestant churches into a single Church of the New Order, which is part of longer history of an attempt to unify the churches under the German Evangelical Churchsee Reichskirche.

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He served as Reich Minister of Food and Agriculture from to Anton Drexler —German Nazi political leader of the s. Lanz von Liebenfels —monk and theologian who influenced Nazi ideology by inventing a blend of theology and biology called theozoology. Dietrich Eckart —who developed the ideology of a "genius higher human", based on writings by Lanz von Liebenfels.

He was a member of the Nazi party.

Rencontre odessa

He was their economic theoretician. It was his lecture in that drew Hitler into the party. Initially a loyal supporter of Adolf Hitler, he took part in the Beer Hall Putsch and held a number of high positions in the Nazi Party. Soon however, Strasser became a strong advocate of the socialist wing of the party, arguing that the national revolution should also include strong action to tackle poverty and should seek to build working class support.

His portrayal of Jews as subhuman and evil played a critical role in the dehumanization and marginalization of the Jewish minority in the eyes of common Germans — creating the necessary conditions for the later perpetration of the Holocaust.

Intellectuals indirectly associated with Nazism[ edit ] Some writers came before the Nazi era and their writings were incorporated into Nazi ideology: Madame Blavatsky —founder of Theosophy and the Theosophical Society. Guido von List took up some of Blavatsky's racial theories, and mixed them with nationalism to create Ariosophya precursor of Nazi ideology.

Ariosophy emphasized intellectual expositions of racial evolution. The Thule Society was one of several German occult groups drawing on Ariosophy to preach Aryan supremacy. It provides a direct link between occult racial theories and the racial ideology of Hitler and the emerging Nazi party.

Century became a manual for Nazi racial philosophy including the concept of the master race. Arthur de Gobineau — was a French aristocrat, novelist and man of letters who developed the racialist theory of the Aryan master race in his book An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races — Although the book condemns antisemitism and describes Jews in positive terms, the Nazis still referenced the work since it condemns race mixing and describes the Jews as "alien".

As a eugenicist, Grant was responsible for one of the most widely read works of scientific racismand played an active role in crafting strong immigration restriction and anti-miscegenation laws in the United States. His Deutsche Schriften — became a nationalist text. He created Ariosophya precursor of Nazi ideology.

Johannes Wallmann argues that Luther's writings against the Jews were largely ignored in the 18th and 19th centuries, and that there is no continuity between Luther's thought and Nazi ideology.

He is best known for his book The Decline of the West and the cyclical theory of the rise and decline of civilizations.

Rencontre odessa

He wrote extensively throughout World War I and the interwar period, and supported German hegemony in Europe. The National Socialists held Spengler as an intellectual precursor but he was ostracized after for his pessimism about Germany and Europe's future, and his refusal to support Nazi ideas of racial superiority.

Lothrop Stoddard —American political theorist, historian, eugenicist, and anti-immigration advocate who wrote a number of prominent books on scientific racism. He developed the concept of the untermensch. Adolf Stoecker —court chaplain to Kaiser Wilhelm and an antisemitic German theologian who founded one of the first antisemitic political parties in Germany, the Christian Social Party.

He proposed severely limiting the civil rights of Jews in Germany.


In September he delivered a speech entitled "What we demand of modern Jewry", in which he spelled out several demands of German Jews.

His work strongly influenced Nazi eugenicists such as Hans F. Henry Ford — American industrialist, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, and sponsor of the development of the assembly line technique of mass production.

His book "The International Jew" was praised by Hitler for its antisemitic rhetoric. The book had sold over a million copies by and some of its ideas were not without influence.Human rights in Ukraine is a highly contested topic and in Ukraine was labeled as "Partly Free" by organizations such as Freedom House.

[1] According to Freedom House the human rights situation significantly improved in the aftermath of the Euromaidan revolution in The City of Odessa is Frequently referred to as”The Pearl of the Black Sea”. Odessa is a eating and drinking spot.

There are so many distinct cuisines, little and big restaurants, bars, national Ukrainian and even local dishes. People of Odessa are extremely friendly, funny, communicative and open.

rencontre gay Whenever referring to the price of residing in Odessa, Ukraine, the costs for trains and buses are typically the exact same. Intercity traveling is a thing that is different.

A train journey from Odessa to Kiev expenses UAH ($) in a compartment that is four-bed UAH ($) in a more private compartment that is two-bed. k Followers, Following, 5, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Editions Folio 📚 (@folio_livres).

The story happened in Odessa in at a summer camp where an American girl came to work as a counselor.

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Future official representative of the U.S. State Department had to pay for the mockery of Ukrainian kids. “In I worked in Odessa at a youth summer camp “Young Guard”.

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