Short take model essay for composition 8th edition

Lakhani, MIT Press,pp.

Short take model essay for composition 8th edition


Focus on transfer of learning into the disciplines. Promotes deep learning through four underlying skills: How to pose a problem that engages targeted readers 2. How to summarize the conversation that surrounds the problem 3.

How to produce a thesis that adds something new, challenging, or surprising to the conversation 4. How to support the thesis with appropriate forms of reasons and evidence. Classroom-tested assignments guide students through all phases of the reading and writing processes Assignments make frequent use of collaboration and peer review.

The Writing Projects in Parts 1 and 2 stimulate critical thinking valued in college courses. A focus on the subject-matter question that precedes the thesis helps students see academic disciplines as fields of inquiry.

Easy navigation through the text. Nonfiction writing appears on a continuum from closed to open forms. The text focuses on closed-form writing for entering most academic, civic, and professional conversations and on open-form writing for communicating ideas and experiences that resist closed-form structures and creating stylistic surprise and pleasure.

Covers of a wide range of genres and aims, such as academic, civic, and professional genres as well as multimodal, personal, and narrative forms.

Short take model essay for composition 8th edition

Explains the rhetorical function of each genre and aim as well as stylistic features. Range of genres is extended to multimodal texts that combine closed- and open-form prose with visual or aural elements. Detailed explanations of closed- and open-formed prose. Also shows students how open-form prose can create pleasurable surprise through purposeful disruptions and violations of the conventions of closed-form prose.

Research is treated as a learning activity requiring rhetorical reading. This skill is crucial for summarizing conversations on subject-matter and for any research project that uses verbal, visual, or multimodal texts as primary sources.

Teaches students to understand the differences between print and cyberspace sources; to analyze the rhetorical occasion, genre, context, intended audience, and angle of vision of sources; to evaluate sources according to appropriate criteria; and to negotiate the World Wide Web with confidence.

Flexible structure for easy implementation. Modular organization gives instructors flexibility in designing courses. Numbered concepts and skills are mini-lessons that students can easily navigate and instructors can assign in the order they choose. Instructors can mix and match writing assignments to fit course goals.

Parts 3 and 4 include modularized lessons that teach students to develop an effective writing process while writing closed-form, open-form, and multimodal texts. Modularized lessons in Part 4 teach students strategies for conducting academic research in a rhetorical environment.

Part 5 instructs students on writing essay exams and reflective writing to promote self-assessment, metacognition, and deep learning. Part 1 is reorganized. Chapter 3 has a richer introduction to rhetorical thinking as a threshold concept.

Explanations of purpose, audience, and genre are now linked to explanations of closed- and open-form prose and the rhetoric of online environments. Chapter 5 focuses on non-verbal rhetoric. The persuasive power of document design, images, and multimodal messages is now discussed in a single chapter.

Part 2 has been streamlined for easier navigation and includes many revisions by chapter.Short Takes Plus MyLab Writing -- Access Card Package (12th Edition) This lively collection of fifty-six short, readable essays by both student and professional writers provides useful models of /5(4).

Short take model essay for composition 8th edition

Short Takes Model Essays For Composition 8th Edition by Elizabeth Penfield available in Trade Paperback on, also read synopsis and reviews.

This lively collection of fifty-two short, readable selections by both student and professional. item 7 Short Takes: Model Essays for Composition (8th Edition)-ExLibrary - Short Takes: Model Essays for Composition (8th Edition)-ExLibrary $ Free shipping. Writing Fiction A Guide To Narrative Craft 8th Edition Pdf course is writing-intensive, requiring short essays on texts in each genre and a longer research Norton Anthology of American Literature, shorter 8th ed., vol.

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