Silken tent

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Silken tent

Silken tent

By Chris Williams on April 20, Closer view of the eastern tent caterpillars. Big Silk Web Question I think we have gypsy moths feeding on our cherry trees.

There are also these big silken webs in the middle of the trees.

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My neighbor says if you burn the webs, you can kill all the caterpillars inside. What you are seeing are eastern tent caterpillars. They seem to appear quite suddenly in the spring after their egg case hatches.

The caterpillars spin communal silken nests in the crotches or forks of small trees where Silken tent live Silken tent in a large group of individuals. You often see large numbers of these nests in wild cherry trees growing along highways. The tent caterpillars leave their nests, also in a group, three times a day to feed on the leaves of their host tree, later returning to their protective tent nest.

The caterpillars enlarge their tent nest as they grow in size. When fully grown, the fuzzy caterpillars are about two inches long and dark with a white stripe down their back, and brown, yellow, and blue markings on their sides.

Trees Usually Recover to Leaf Again Eastern tent caterpillars usually attack small fruit trees like cherry, peach, plum, apple, and crabapple. They sometimes feed on other trees like ash, birch, willow, oak, and poplar.

The tree usually recovers and leafs out again.

Silken tent

During bad outbreak years, the larvae may eat all of the leaves on their tree and will then migrate in a large convoy, looking for another tree. Fully grown caterpillars also wander singly when they are looking for a place to pupate.

Fortunately, there is only one generation a year so the caterpillars are only around for a few weeks before they spin a cocoon and turn into adult moths. You could do much more damage to your trees than the caterpillars would.

If you can reach the nest, you can use a dead branch or long-handled tool to pull the nest onto the ground where you can crush the caterpillars or drop the whole thing into a bucket of soapy water. There is a similar tree caterpillar pest that also makes a silken nest, called the fall webworm.

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People think they are seeing tent caterpillars again in the fall when they find similar silken nests. Fall webworms, though, make their nests at the tips of branches and can be easily pruned out of trees. They do little damage since they feed late in the season, just before leaf drop.

Carmichael Own work [Public domain].Mar 27,  · The Silken Tent” was presented to a close friend and secretary, Kay Morrison, in after Frost’s wife, Elinor, died.

· Most likely, the poem was inspired by Elinor; Frost’s daughter claimed to have typed a version of it before her mother’s death (Fagan ). The Silken Tent - by Robert is as in a field a silken tent br At midday when the sunny summer breeze br Has dried the dew and all its ropes.

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