Tabloidisation of the media essay

But in approximately 6. Rupert Murdoch changed that and the television industry became and still is dominated by commercial television in particular satellite and cable. We then had access to a huge number of channels for both news and entertainment.

Tabloidisation of the media essay

Quotes have been left fully intact and references are at the end, Harvard style. This assignment aims to identify and discuss dumbing down as a concept and the implications it may have on news as a media product. With the rise in the global capitalism as the driving force behind media expansion, the corporations began to apply capitalist principles to the production of news products, which Jackie Harrison Hellowhich used to report mainly on celebrities within high society, royalty and film stars, has expanded to include the likes of Big Brother contestant Jade Goody in the face of competition from other gossip magazines.

But while many in the media seek to condemn this obsession with the trivial, some choose to embrace it and find a positive way of viewing it. Its overriding preoccupation is establishing personal connection — a task which historically has mainly fallen to women.

Tabloidisation of the media essay

Contemporary culture is dominated by the ethos of over-the-backfence-gossip writ large. Style fascination with the lives of celebrities, addiction to soap opera and football has been the nationalisation of gossip.

But as American historian Frederick Jackson Turner said "The aim of the historian, then, is to know the elements of the present by understanding what came into the present from the past, for the present is simply the developing past. The goal of the historian is the living present" date unknown.

The study of history tells us how we got to where we are and what the implications are for the future, while the study of celebrity culture tells us what hairstyle David Beckham has this week and what the implications are for his scalp and bank balance.

Some of the blame for this shift can be put on journalists. Traditional news subjects, such as politicsare harder to report on in an interesting or controversial way than they once were.

As John Wilson states: In particular, it will be disliked by people in power because it expects them to answer issues decided by the media, not solely those agreed on the political agenda.

Celebrity news is easy to find, as PR agents will send press releases detailing any story which might be newsworthy. Slowly more and more celebrity stories are appearing on broadcast news bulletins in the UK.

David Beckham was a regular fixture on the news during summer as he changed his haircut, football club and image a number of times.

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Sir Trevor McDonald Source Coronation Street - as watched by Snoop Dogg Source Infotainment If the trivialisation of news is about commerce over information, are more people actually watching the news? Perhaps the purchasing of other media firms by news agencies, discussed earlier, means that multinational corporations are using even the news-based parts of their empires to promote products above all else.

Even ITV is guilty of promoting programmes through its news programmes, such as highlighting the Coronation Street bigamy storyline through Tonight with Trevor McDonald. Lazy journalism, global free market capitalism, growing celebrity culture and simple public disinterest have all created an image of the consumer as fashion victim, a passive space to fill with dreams of showbiz parties and sponsorship deals.

Maybe the feeling of powerlessness is the cause of the shift away from politics as the main focus of the news media. But if the media really is dumbing down, the backlash has begun. Perhaps reality TV and the exposure of celebrity failings have woken some people up to the lack of culture in their lives.

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The Culture of Production, Manchester: Public Discourse in the Age of Showbusiness, London: A Guide To Issues, London:Public Interest Is Used To Justify Regulation Media Essay. Print Reference this neither media code or attempts a full definition of the public interest. it). Lower, too, than a healthy democracy demands.

Political journalism is said to be conforming to the pressures of tabloidisation observed elsewhere in the media: a term which used. In other developing countries, like China and India, the tabloid movement is growing and the growth has been especially rapid in last 10 years or so.

Historically, tabloids have existed alongside other ‘quality’ papers, so to say. But, in recent years, we have been experiencing a glaring gap between ‘serious’ media and tabloids. Tabloidisation is the theory that the majority of media outlets are devoting more to “relatively little attention to politics, economics and society and relatively much to diversions like sports, scandal and popular entertainment.” (Sparks, , pp10).

But what the media were interested in was one person’s comment about the behaviour of another person. The day after that, the Patel agitation became nationwide news. Introduction.

As the news market has become increasingly competitive, the mainstream news media have changed dramatically. The concept of tabloidization suggests that stories about politics and civic issues have been replaced by content that is .

Tabloidisation of the media essay

A moral panic has emerged over the 'dumbing down' and 'tabloidisation' of the media. Serious political analysis has been replaced by sensational drama and sleaze coverage. Press invasion of privacy has not just affected those with .

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