The positive aspects of fraternities

Print A new semester brings new activities for thousands of fraternity and sorority members on college campuses across the nation — and opportunity for untold others to join their ranks. Although camaraderie, leadership opportunities and service projects are a big part of Greek-letter life, nothing gets their names in the news faster than a scandal. And there have been more in the media lately, ranging from pranks gone awry and sexual assaults to hazing and death.

The positive aspects of fraternities

April 23, Tim Piazza died after falling down a flight of stairs during pledge night at a Penn State fraternity. And that wasn't the only near-fatal episode the Bethlehem-based university has experienced recently with student drinking.

There were three others, one also connected to a fraternity. It is particularly distressing that while these students bear primary responsibility for their own actions, they were surrounded by others who did not intervene.

On the same night as Piazza's ultimately fatal fall, half a state away, Lehigh police broke up an unregistered party at Delta Chi and transported an extremely intoxicated student to the hospital. Two fraternity members were charged with reckless endangerment for not seeking treatment for the person, but those charges have since been withdrawn.

It is a seemingly universal problem that universities have been grappling with for years, with little success.

The positive aspects of fraternities

Most acute has been the issue of high-risk drinking and hazing, at times associated with fraternities and sororities. Penn State declared a moratorium on serving alcohol at Greek socials for the rest of the semester and issued new rules for its Greek organizations, including reducing the allowed number and size of parties and rolling back recruitment to the second semester of freshman year.

It's not the first time that Penn State has run into trouble with its frats. Penn State president Eric Barron said the university would continue to deal sternly with violators. But I would have told you we had their attention two years ago and five years before that.

This is a cultural thing across the United States and we have to figure out how to try to counter it.

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But when hazing is mixed with alcohol, what seemed harmless can quickly turn deadly, he said. Some schools have tried to remedy the problem by moving fraternity houses on campus, delaying recruitment, or employing a graduate student to live in the houses.

And some schools, including Alfred, have done away with Greek life. Penn State considered that option but decided against it because of the positive aspects of fraternities and sororities, including philanthropy and community service.

Officials also were concerned that a blanket prohibition would breed an underground system posing more problems. And even universities with relatively small Greek systems have had problems with hazing and high-risk drinking.

Temple University, where only 5 percent of students belong, is an example. Sigma Chi is the most recent fraternity to face sanctions for conduct on both April 1 and April 9. That led to the student's fall on the stairs.

Two fraternities have been removed from campus since for violating standards, she said. Still, she said, dangerous drinking is a campus-wide problem. A group of student leaders plan to meet next week to brainstorm solutions, too.

April 23, - 7:‘fraternities’ and ‘sororities’ in modern culture. LITERATURE REVIEW Overall, the research into fraternal organization effects is limited.

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The literature delves deeply into the aspects of the relationship between fraternal organization members and alcohol as well as a great deal prestige have a positive correlation with fraternal. Joining a fraternity or sorority, or Greek organization, involves a major commitment on the part of students.

Like many other college experiences, there are positive and negative aspects to .

The positive aspects of fraternities

For Racine, the organization wants to change perceptions usually associated with fraternities by highlighting positive aspects and serving as the go-to entity for comments whenever issues arise. Joining a fraternity or sorority, or Greek organization, involves a major commitment on the part of students.

Like many other college experiences, there are positive and negative aspects to this lifestyle choice. Students can form lifelong friendships while living in fraternity and sorority houses, and participating. President’s Task Force on Greek Life.

In June , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute President Shirley Ann Jackson announced the creation of a Greek Life Task Force to assess and strengthen the Rensselaer Greek Life system, and to work with the community to identify what is necessary to enact a long-term, sustainable, and comprehensive culture change to preserve the positive aspects of the.

Dec 17,  · Fraternities and sororities engage in these positive actions every single day. Yet, because the media's primary focus is to cover hard news, .

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