The way i use ict at home, school and college essay

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The way i use ict at home, school and college essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. My mobile phone is has become a very important piece of equipment in my life, using very complicated data, yet I am unaware and use it all the time for fun and communication.

The home computer, Playstation 2 and my Compact Disk player are all uses of ICT and they mainly help me to have fun and enjoy life, as well as helping me academically.

I find ICT very useful and important to me because it widens my approach to life and I am never left bored. ICT school and college essay not scare me and does not usually annoy me in any way because it is so useful and I never get bored.

Hi Brad, After I graduated from the 3 year program from College I transferred to Athabasca University and began dedicating myself (full-time) to the studies as I was unemployed (by choice). There Are No Technology Shortcuts to Good Education. Kentaro Toyama. There are no technology shortcuts to good education. For primary and secondary schools that are underperforming or limited in resources, efforts to improve education should focus almost exclusively on better teachers and stronger administrations. School libraries use ICT for bar code readers and the librarian can access data about who has which book, the book on loan and the return date. It can also be an efficient form of identification. For example Hillcrest, our card system is an efficient way to but dinner.

There are only a few times that things go wrong in ICT. I am pretty much totally dependant on ICT to get around in life. Without it, there would be limited recreational opportunities, contacting people would be very difficult, and ICT lessons at school would be non-existent.

Think about a traffic light, for example.


It uses special sensors to know how many cars to let through and when to go red, amber or green. Many other things, including microwaves and video recorders, are other forms of ICT, which can also be taken for granted. Many people would find life so difficult without ICT including myself.

If there was no ICT, cars would be very hard to come by and I would not be unable to complete this report!

Environmentalist groups may find this helpful with no cars, but we would find other methods using no ICT that could damage the planet even more.

ICT is very important to everyone, in the way we move and live. Sometimes, I may not think ICT has been directly involved or included. ICT does not just include someone tapping away on a computer.

Without really realising, every computerised worksheet that I have been given has to have used ICT in some way or another. An ICT computerised worksheet, that has been to given to more than I member of the class, has been computerised.

Let me give an example. My English teacher, Mr Ninian, wants to give out 31 copies of a single sheet of A4 paper, containing some quotes from a play. This is where ICT comes into the equation.

Mr Ninian will go onto a computer during his time and type up, or copy from the Internet, his page of quotes. He will put a title and finish the document.

This is the most obvious form of him using ICT.

The way i use ict at home, school and college essay

Then he will print out the document off his computer. This is again using ICT, because the computer sends the document tot he printer to be printed out. Now that Mr Ninian has the copy, he can go to a photocopying machine. Now he will use ICT to print out 31 copies of his document. This is three ways that my English teacher, as well as many other teachers use ICT.

I personally use ITC in a similar way but I do not do vast amounts of photocopying. I do however use a scanner to get my work up onto the computer and I use a digital camera in some ICT lessons to get me and my friends on to the computer.

I use a mobile phone widely, at school also, especially to call people in emergencies or at lucncht9mes to play games. This is also a very popular form of ICT; one that has only been used a short time ago, so more and more people would soon be having one. In certain lessons, documents have to be computerised and typed up, so this another.

There Are No Technology Shortcuts to Good Education « Educational Technology Debate

Another, more uncommon use of ICT, is in vending machines. You may not think this as a use, but when you put your money, the machine has to register how much is needed and when you have put in the correct amount.

Then, when you make your selection, the machine has to register whether the operation can be performed and if it can, it must deliver the goods.

Then, if change is available, the machine has to determine how much is needed and in the correct amount of coins. On my way home from school, I get a train, which involves using the ticket barrier, but first I need to withdraw money from the cash machine to buy my ticket.

The most common of these that I use in school is computerised work, including computers, typed documents, worksheets and newsletters. In practically every lesson, I am using ICT in some form or another and it is usually involved in worksheets or information that has been typed up or copied from the Internet.Top Successful College Essays.

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The way i use ict at home, school and college essay

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