Transition from authoritian rule in argentina essay

Bosnian Muslim culture was later to become a major influence on his political views.

Transition from authoritian rule in argentina essay

February 15, Czech Free Press Russian experts analyzed in detail the similarities in the methods and strategies used by the western coalition in connection with the Ukrainian crisis that has spawned and has exacerbated into brutal civil war. The same actors used those strategies developed in the 90's create the fertile soil for a brutal civil war which resulted in the destruction of the former Yugoslavia, are The reasons for such in-depth research are legion.

First of all, if your not very imaginative or too arrogant enemy repeatedly acts according to the same template, knowing it provides you with a significant strategic advantage. It allows you to some extent to predict his actions and propose effective countermeasures.

Although chutzpa of western strategists undoubtedly allow to counter their schemes more effectively, however, it is very important carefully analyze the key similarities and differences in two different situation so that you are not fighting the last war. Here are key elements of the color revolution template: The ethnic and religious fragmentation.

The starting point of any color revolution is Identification of the usable social tensions and their systematic aggravation so that that at the end they can serve as a detonator of the planned crisis. This means mutual divide constitutive of the community, with an emphasis on what sets them apart, and at the same time reducing the weight of what they have in common.

In Yugoslavia this strategy began be carried out long before the visible signs of the crisis, forming of new ethnic identities Muslim, Montenegrin and Macedonian was financed and supported as well as separatist aspirations were systematically encouragement and refined in the context of the existing ones especially among the Croats and Slovenians.

The Ukrainian identity is also an artificial construction, which is defined not positively, but primarily in a hate of all Transition from authoritian rule in argentina essay, as a militant negation of all Russian culture and language.

In Ukraine, as before, in Yugoslavia, existing religious cleft between the Catholics and the Orthodox part of the country was also successfully used to increase, deepen and sharpen the existing animosity. Deceptive by promise higher standard of living and creation of various material temptations to support the politically desired behavior.

In the former Yugoslavia, where there was by the end of the Yugoslavia Catholic west was promised to increase the well-being to the level of Germany, when they decide to separate and commit to the "civilizational choice" nearly identical phrase was used in the context of Ukraine in favor of the integration with EU.

Muslims in Bosnia and in Kosovo were promised great benefit from close connection to the rich Islamic countries.

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In Ukraine the EuroMaidan events were triggered by the illusion of rapid inclusion into the European union as associated ability to travel to the Western countries without visa and dramatic raise of standard of living. The majority of the population in western and central Ukraine, who have responded positively to these fake prospects of improving their standard of living and totally failed to realize gravity of the real economic and social transition, and more importantly, didn't realize the existence of the strong "no new members" trend in the EU.

As a result they were forced to act on the basis of completely unfounded assumptions. Control of MSM in the target countries for the purpose of influencing the perception and behavior of the masses.

The penetration of western influences in the media space in the former Yugoslavia, the pioneer of which was Soros, started immediately as soon as the political liberalization at the end of the 80th allow it.

From the early 90's.

The disastrous Iraq policies that led to ISIS were not President Bush's.

A similar transfer of MSM into western hands occurred in Ukraine during the last two decades, where before EuroMaidan all the major MSM including TV channels were under the firm control of the controlled by the west oligarchs such as Poroshenko and kolomyski.

As in Ukraine, as in Yugoslavia, there was a certain core of the population, which proved to be resistant to brainwashing and continues to hold its own narrative. It was politically marginalized. While those people Radically reject these false ideas, which were designed to guarantee the acceptance of the new political arrangement under the iron heel of the West.

In Ukraine, it was the Russian speaking east, in Yugoslavia the Serbs. The rejection of these groups to accept peacefully the loss of their own cultural identity and political autonomy has led in both cases to conflicts.

A clear answer is required whether the armed conflict although he was in principle predictable also the preplanned and intended consequence of the processes that have been put into operation.

In the case of Ukraine we can be reasonably doubtful, because of the apparent intention of the new Kiev junta after regime change was to include the country to NATO and the EU under the guidance of a vassal government in Kiev and this goal does not include the political disintegration of the country.

EU wanted to eat the whole peace, as a single country. In the case of Yugoslavia, it can be argued that the conflict leading in the Serbian military defeat was clearly part of the plan. It is possible, however, that was originally expected that the campaign will be much faster and more successful.

As it turned out, by the fact that the instigators of the Yugoslav crisis reviews are written by free rein to their Croatian and Muslim protecting, perhaps inadvertently, created a clear existential threat to the Serbs, who were scattered throughout the territory of the former Yugoslavia, which greatly cemented their resistance and prolong the conflict longer than originally expected.

In addition, it could lead to further unintentional result: It has come to a critical stage in the time of the Kosovo war. The result was the rise of Putin and his political vision as a response to the war.We saw the demise of democratic regimes in the most affluent countries of Latin America: Argentina in , Brazil in and then again in , Chile in , and Uruguay in The last twenty years of the 20th century, however.

saw important changes in the democratization processes of the region. The hypocrite's crime is that he bears false witness against himself. What makes it so plausible to assume that hypocrisy is the vice of vices is that integrity can indeed exist under the cover of all other vices except this one.

The term "predator state" originated with the concept of military industrial complex.

Transition from authoritian rule in argentina essay

There are other similar terms such as neofascism, national security state, disaster capitalism, etc which describe the same phenomenon, stressing different aspects of it. A system introduced under Bolshevik rule after which involved land being seized and redistributed, factories given to the workers, banks being nationalized, and church property being granted to the state.

Military Rule, The army takeover of the government in ushered in a prolonged period of authoritarian military rule. Throughout the s and s, successive military governments focused on maintaining internal order, modernizing the mining sector, and vigorously defending Bolivian sovereignty. Argentina is one of the countries in the Latin America that experienced dramatic politic transitions.

The country has faced numerous repressive regimes from independence to when it finally got democratic government.

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