Western culture influence youth

Europeanization[ edit ] From onward, Europeanization and colonialism spread gradually over much of the world and controlled different regions during this five centuries long period, colonizing or subjecting the majority of the globe. The two World Wars weakened the European powers to such extent that many people in the colonies strove for independence, often inspired by nationalistic movements.

Western culture influence youth

Transcript As Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping travels to the United States this week -- a trip designed in part to head off mounting tensions between the two countries -- GlobalPost correspondent Kathleen McLaughlin reports from Beijing on the growing influence of Western culture on Chinese youth.

Next tonight, the debate in China over the growing influence of Western culture. It comes as China's vice president kicks off a trip to the United States this week, one designed in part to head off mounting tensions between the two countries.


She has this report. From clothes to coffee, to food and movies, Western culture is big and getting bigger in China. KFC is the country's most popular restaurant chain.

Western culture influence youth

A Buick is the top-selling car. At a public square in Beijing, year-old Hou Xiazhou and friends show off moves they learned from watching their American idols on the Internet. The West influences us a great deal. For example, those of us who skateboard now are all learning from the West, from America.

We watch how their professional skateboarders practice, and imitate their methods. The way they dress influences how we dress. We imitate how they skateboard. Watching them inspires us to think about how skateboarding should be.

Western culture swept into China when the country opened to foreign trade 30 years ago. Western brands and ideas have exploded in the past decade, as economic boom expanded the country's middle class.

Now the government is pushing back. President Hu Jintao says China's culture is being infiltrated by hostile Western forces. And the government has set new limits on Chinese mass media.

First, they issued edicts that killed some racy and wildly popular TV shows and pushed others out of prime time. Xu Fan is a professor at the Communications University of China, the country's top training ground for budding TV journalists and hosts.

The rules are meant to restrict two types of programs.Taking good part of any culture is not bad. But mistakenly most of the our younh generation is taking distorted culture. In India education system needs huge reform and .

But these concepts are dwindling day by day due to intense impact of western culture. Western culture seems to be more modern, trendy, fashionable and stylish to look upon.

The youth has been so deeply influenced by this culture that one finds unconventional, weird or freakish when they are asked to wear dhotis, lungi or even a sari.

Impact of western culture on Indian youth “Civilization is what we have, culture is what we are”—Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

India is a nation with a . May 24,  · In many instances, Western culture and its symbols are still valued over native customs, leading to a kind of colonization of the mind. This colonization of the mind is one of the root causes of the identity crisis we—and especially the youth— face regardbouddhiste.coms: 3.

The process of Westernization comes when non-Western societies come under Western influence or adopt Western culture in different areas such as industry, technology, law, politics, economics, lifestyle, diet, clothing, language, alphabet, religion, philosophy, and values.

Western Culture Has Brought More Negative Impacts On The Malaysian Youth.

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Western culture is a body of knowledge derived from reason that began in Ancient Greece. There and in the Roman civilization it developed until the start of the Middle Ages when it largely vanished from Europe. In Malaysia, Western culture came into influence when the.

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